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Code Updates

My attension has turned to the sniff tool, which I intend to have on my website, such that I can get information about who is visiting. Furthermore I was broad to my attention by a friend, that my websocket server needed some bugfixes.
written 19-05-2013 13:13:42, viewed 2544 times.

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Raspberry PI

Just a couple of days ago it was my birthday, which make me 22 years old now. As a birthday present I received a new piece of machinery, which I am looking very much forward to use!
written 25-04-2013 10:24:11, viewed 1146 times.

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Projects for the future

I have a lot of different project going on right now. Those that I have turned my attention on for the moment is my sniff tool, my websocket server and the javascript library that I use on this site to get the github updates.
written 22-04-2013 08:47:31, viewed 1323 times.

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New look to the frontpage

My website has experienced a total makeover and is now more welcoming for users. It now displays much more information about myself and what I am doing in my spare time.
written 19-04-2013 00:18:30, viewed 1381 times.

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