Summer Vacation

Today I handed in my last exam, which means that the next two month are gonna be pure chillin'. Although that is not the whole truth, it sure feels like it.

The last month I have had my focus on preparing two oral exams on the subject Linear Algebra and Security. Moreover I have spent the last 50 hours on writing an exam about ethics in programming. Finally this is all done and successfully executed and now I can turn my focus on some more relaxing subject.

In just a few days, me and my girlfriend are going on a vacation to Alanya, Turkey where we are gonna spend a week on getting tanned, drinking beer and just pure chillin'.

Next we are gonna spend some time with our families back home, before we both return to Aarhus to work.

My summer will probably also have a lot of focus on my projects as I really wanna get some of them done. The last couple of month I have turned my attention to the Snifftool, which now is working in all major browsers, except some earlier versions of Opera. To this end I expect to use some time with my fellow students, as we have been talking about starting our own company.

I am looking very much forward to the next couple of month, and it is gonna be an exciting time.

Chill' out!

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